Attending a Wedding: A Review

Ah Weddings. The greatest display of love and affluence in American life. Two people force themselves through inhumane stress to achieve genuinely beautiful moments in front of their overly intrusive and argumentative families. Modern weddings reflect a culture which is obsessed with consuming goods; what you spent is as important as the eloquence of your … Continue reading Attending a Wedding: A Review


Constitutional Originalism is Dishonest

Constitutional Originalism is one of the biggest lies of legal thought. This approach, championed mostly by conservative judges, attempts to evaluate the Constitution on the basis of the original meaning or intent of the law as written. It has been championed by intellectually dishonest Supreme Court justices like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, and recent … Continue reading Constitutional Originalism is Dishonest

Actually, Undocumented Immigrants Do Have Constitutional Rights

The United States has had a recent flair up of an incurable disease, xenophobia. Much like herpes, xenophobia rears its ugly head at random, infecting public discourse and influencing politics for the worse. Americans seem unable to rectify their fear of immigrants with the fact that there have been multiple immigration groups over our history, … Continue reading Actually, Undocumented Immigrants Do Have Constitutional Rights