Baloo the Dog: A Review

The Rottweiler is one of our goofier dogs. Potentially originating in the Roman Empire, these chubby herding dogs have been a presence in the canine community for centuries. In 2013, the Rottweiler maintained a position as the ninth most popular dog in the United States. Despite having an unfair reputation for aggressiveness, Rottweilers are sweet, … Continue reading Baloo the Dog: A Review


The National Zoo: A Review

Zoos are complicated. It is difficult to overcome the visceral image of animals kept in cages, knowing the freedom of movement they may otherwise have. Further, some zoos in the past have been known to be abusive or cruel to the animals they keep in captivity. As zoos have modernized, however, they have become important … Continue reading The National Zoo: A Review

The Experience of Starbucks: A Review

Starbucks was founded in Seattle Washington in 1971. Through clever branding, and price conscious service, Starbucks quickly rose to prominence selling coffee all across the United States. It is now one of the most prevalent corporate brands of a country all too fond of them. Starbucks has an array of products, from mediocre food to … Continue reading The Experience of Starbucks: A Review

Prospective Home Ownership: A Review

Home ownership is the cornerstone of the American dream. Nothing feels as American as lawns and white picket fences, populated by energetic dogs and kids. One can picture Normal Rockwell’s ideal cul-de-sac, and feel content. Home ownership is of course not a reality for many Americans, due to our pervasive wealth inequality, and a housing … Continue reading Prospective Home Ownership: A Review

My Uncle In-Law’s Schnitzel: A Review

Frying foods is one of the most popular forms of cooking world over. From Tempura to American southern fried chicken, this culinary method has appeared in nearly every culture. One such culture, also known for its beer halls, polka music, and midcentury fascism, has perfected the frying of thinly sliced pork. This dish is of … Continue reading My Uncle In-Law’s Schnitzel: A Review